We have 2 holiday apartments in Mundaka and Bermeo, our charming houses are located in Urdaibai, Biosphere Reserve, located on the coast of Biscay in the Basque Country. Its heart is the Oka river that is born on Mount Oiz and becomes a river when it reaches Mundaka creating spectacular marshes full of life. We recommend you see them at different times of the day to appreciate both low tide and high tide, which you can from the Laidatxu beach located 50 meters from our holiday apartment in Mundaka. The Basque coast and specifically Urdaibai offer you some of the most beautiful and appreciated beaches of Euskadi, such as Laida beach, which varies constantly in shape and size or the spectacular beach of Laga, ideal if you like to surf. Dive from Mundaka its famous left wave famous in the world of surfing and visited by the greatest surfers in the world and from Bermeo the enigmatic island of Izaro or approach to the end from Matxitxako, the most outgoing of the Cantabrian coast and enjoy the panoramic views of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe and get to know the scenery of Dragon Rock. Enjoy the beautiful v Istas that you will have from our charming apartment in Bermeo located in the old town, its views will give you tranquility and enjoy when the sun rises or it rains, you will simply enjoy, forget about the TV and disconnect. In our holiday apartments you can feel at home, where you can enjoy the beauty of the surroundings, in all seasons, as well as the culture of the Basque Country.

If you are looking for where to stay in Mundaka or where to stay in Bermeo in our charming houses you have a good option of cheap accommodation in Urdaibai, since you will have the whole apartment exclusively for you during your stay, you can travel as a family, without having than to sleep all in the same room or on a sofa bed, so that you have the comfort of your home on your holidays as a couple, family, or work. To do this in our holiday apartments you will have a fully equipped kitchen, living room, private bathroom and free Wi-Fi, you can also see our accommodations in detail and see the options we have to stay in Mundaka and Bermeo We want to give you a VIP service and at your check-in, you will have a personalized reception, a person will wait for you on the floor and not only show you the holiday flat but also help you in that first contact so that you can place yourself, Know where to eat a good fish, a menu of the day or a hamburger or just where to buy bread, pharmacies, Pintxos route, ... we want to give you that small privilege service and you feel vip, and we will be happy to help you, we want you Feel at home, and have a happy stay so you are looking forward to returning. We leave you some information and tourism links from Euskadi and the Basque coast where you will surely find interesting information to plan a good holiday in Mundaka and Bermeo.

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