Tourist Housing Vacation Rental

How it all started?

We lived in Mundakako Etxie La Casa de Mundaka, our family grew, and we decided to change our house, but what do we do now with our house? We had been very happy in it, hence a room has the name of our eldest daughter, which reminds us that it is part of us.

We wanted to have the option of being able to return home whenever we wanted. And we decided to register our house in the tourist housing registry.

It seems that we are strict when it comes to asking to respect the rules of the house, but in reality they are simple, it is simply a matter of civility basically.

We are practically the only ones in the area that ask for a security deposit, we do not see it as something negative for our clients, on the contrary, it is the guarantee of our guests, that they will find our better tourist homes, with respect others.

All this makes the guests who come to our houses more select, that they take good care of the houses and it shows, we do not want thousands of customers, but loyal customers, who can be in the homes of Etxie La Casa - Home and who want to return to them, and above all that they recommend us favorably.

For this every year, reinvested in them, so that our tourist homes do not suffer the wear and tear of time and use.

It is important that you know that all the tourist homes of Etxie La Casa-Home are duly registered in their respective communities with their tourist licenses and comply with the required standards.

We currently have Tourist Homes, Vacation apartments in: Mundaka and Bermeo, in the Basque Country, in Carasa in Cantabria and in Peñiscola in the Valencian community.

For more information about our homes, you can contact us either by email or by phone and WhatsApp at (0034) 946187262,

we will be happy to help you.